Modèles principaux

class erudit.models.core.Affiliation(*args, **kwargs)

A simple affiliation.

name = None

The name of the affiliation.

class erudit.models.core.Author(*args, **kwargs)

A simple author.


Returns the articles written by the author for a given journal.

class erudit.models.core.Collection(*args, **kwargs)

A collection of journals or theses.

Set of Journals for which a partner provides digital publishing services

code = None

The code of the collection. It should be unique.

is_main_collection = None

Main collections are hosted on Érudit

localidentifier = None

The localidentifier of the collection in Fedora

name = None

The name of the collection

class erudit.models.core.Copyright(*args, **kwargs)

A simple copyright.

class erudit.models.core.Discipline(*args, **kwargs)

A simple discipline.

class erudit.models.core.EruditDocument(*args, **kwargs)

An Érudit document.

It can be an article, a thesis... This is a polymorphic model.

keywords = <taggit.managers._TaggableManager object>

An Érudit document can be associated with multiple keywords.

localidentifier = None

The unique identifier of an Érudit document.

class erudit.models.core.KeywordTag(*args, **kwargs)

A keyword tag that can be used to add tags to a model.

language = None

The language code associated with the keyword

class erudit.models.core.KeywordTaggedWhatever(id, content_type, object_id, tag)
class erudit.models.core.Organisation(*args, **kwargs)

A single organisation.

class erudit.models.core.Publisher(*args, **kwargs)

A simple publisher.

Dépôt de fichiers

class core.editor.models.IssueSubmission(*args, **kwargs)

A journal issue submission by an editor


Validate the issue


Return the absolute URL for this model


Resend the issue for modifications


Send issue for review

class core.editor.models.IssueSubmissionFilesVersion(*args, **kwargs)

An issue submission files version.

class core.editor.models.IssueSubmissionStatusTrack(*args, **kwargs)

Tracks the changes of an issue submission status.

class core.editor.models.ProductionTeam(*args, **kwargs)

Represents an Érudit production team.